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format_quoteI finally understand my powermeter data and translate these insights into race winning results.format_quote
- Svenja, Ambitious Road Cyclist

How does Trainshift work?

Analyze your Ride
Analyse your power, speed, heart rate, altitude, and cadence during your session. This allows you to examine the relationship of different metrics. For example, at which power does your cadence drop or your heart rate rise?
Ride Analysis
Compare Performance
Compare your Performance
Compare your best 5sec, 1min, 5min and FTP efforts with real world data. It's a great technique to find out where your strengths are and which power zones need improvement.
Performance Management Chart
The PMC is important to determine your fitness status and enables you to plan your season ahead. The chart is based on your total Training Stress Score values from each of your workouts.
Performance Management Chart
Training Plans
Training Plans
Training Plans creates individual workouts based on your time table, season goals and training target. This enables you to structure your daily training & pushes your performance to the limit.
Trainshift Features
Rider Type Analysis
Are you a sprinter, time trialist or climber? Let your data speak!
Trainshift Play
How much power do you need to push during your workout? Trainshift Play tells you.
Strava Sync
Automated workout upload via Strava integration.
Track Progress
Track your training status with state of the art performance analysis.
  • How is it different to Strava? Do I need Strava?
    Trainshift offers more in depth training analysis. It let you understand your training behaviour and suggests you ways how to improve your performance. Besides that you are able to track your fitness status and create individual training plans.

    If you already have an Strava account, you can sync it with Trainshift and automatically upload your workouts.
  • Can I use it as a triathlist?
    Yes definitally! Trainshift also provides TSS calculation for swimming and running. Like that are able to analyze all of your workouts and monitor your performance management chart. This will bring you in perfect shape for the next race.
  • Do I need a power meter to use Trainshift?
    No, you don't essentially need a power meter. Most of the metrics can be calculated with your heart rate. But for more accurate analysis and more advanced training recommendation, training with a power meter is the preferred method.
  • How much does it cost?
    All metrics calculations, the data analysis components and the performance management chart comes for free.
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